An Example of Facebook Timeline Advertising Success

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I have this habit of waking up every morning somewhere between 3:30 and 4:30 in the morning. My wife hates it because the shine of my iPhone display inevitably wakes her up. Or I accidentally hold the home button too long and Siri starts talking.

After the lack of early Twitter timeline activity bores me, I typically go to Facebook ( FB) to see how TheStreet's ( TST) fan page is doing and check in on my friends.

I have already written about the great success TheStreet has had with its Facebook advertising campaign. But over the weekend I personally experienced my first example of a Facebook ad -- targeted to me -- executed flawlessly.

Facebook served an ad for a new service called Washio. At this point, you can only use Washio in the LA area and via a mobile Web site, but it has plans to expand geographically and with iOS and Android apps in the next two weeks.

Washio is a laundry and dry cleaning service. You schedule a pick-up time in a 1/2-hour window and a drop-off time later the next day, also in a 1/2-hour window. Pricing seems reasonable. Service looks convenient. My order pickup Sunday morning went off without a hitch. I can expect the load of clothes and two dry cleaning items back late Monday afternoon. I'll report back on quality and value.

Facebook nailed it. The ad worked for me. It worked for the client.

Facebook placed the ad on my timeline early Sunday morning. Quite possibly laundry day. And, for me, it actually was. I live in a zip code where Washio offers service. I took advantage of the $10 coupon for your initial delivery.

And when I checked Facebook later -- after having already received confirmation from Washio for the order I had placed -- I saw another Washio ad featuring a testimonial from a user.

Solid execution.

Facebook needs to -- and probably does -- study the trajectory of that ad placement from start to finish and determine how they can replicate it. That's the key to the company's success -- relevant, targeted local advertising that either helps me live my life better or provides information or context around some subject matter Facebook knows (or predicts) I care about.

As a quick aside, something curious on the revenue-generating front from Facebook that didn't work quite as well.

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