Monotype Introduces The Monotype Baseline Platform For OEMs, ISVs And Developers

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading provider of typefaces, technology and expertise for creative applications and consumer devices, has announced the Monotype Baseline™ platform, a cloud-based developer platform that offers access to tens of thousands of fonts. The solution is designed to help OEMs, independent software vendors and developers build software products and connected devices that deliver the best user experiences.

“Monotype Baseline has the potential to significantly broaden the way devices and applications work with fonts,” said Doug Shaw, president and chief executive officer of Monotype. “We see a wide range of possibilities for helping OEMs, ISVs and developers to integrate features that preserve text fidelity, particularly in on-demand applications, using approaches that haven’t been possible before.”

Enfocus, a leading provider of tools that control the quality of PDF files for print during the document workflow process, is the first partner to implement Monotype Baseline capabilities. The company today announced the Enfocus PitStop 12 series of PDF preflight tools, which introduce the ability to replace missing or corrupted fonts in PDF files – a scenario that has plagued printers and publishers since the advent of digital publishing – by sourcing the correct fonts from the cloud. Using Monotype’s technology, PitStop 12 enables the automatic detection of missing or corrupted fonts, as well as the ability to automatically search to find the right ones to update the PDF with the correct fonts before it’s printed.

“We’re now at the point where we can work with partners and solution providers to program devices and applications to use fonts on an as-needed basis, in near-real time,” said Tim McManus, vice president of product marketing at Monotype. “This offers a whole new level of flexibility in how fonts can be used. Monotype Baseline is designed to enhance the ability to maintain document and brand integrity, preserving the look of text, as the author intended. PitStop 12 is a great example of that.”

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