Unlike Micron, Hershey has been a great investment over the long run, although Micron has jumped almost 140% this year against Hershey's 20%. Since the market lows of late 2009 Hershey is up 153%.

Hershey revenue last year was $6.6 billion, of which it brought $661 million to the net income line, $2.89 per share. Investors are paying a premium P/E of 28.3 for those earnings, which is actually higher than Google's own 27. This might be due to Hershey's tasty dividend, 49 cents per share, giving a yield of 2.15%.

The nature of this deal does say something important, namely that we all look at investment through regional and industry blinders, which we shouldn't do.

Many investors also think of businesses like food as being a fairly staid, low-profit area, while in fact the profits can be fairly fat and the price paid for earnings higher than those of the biggest tech companies. Of all the companies mentioned in this article, the best investment over the last five years has been Hershey.

You can take a lesson from this. If you're a small investor, try a little more diversification, and don't assume that fast change means fat profits. Also be wary of buying Japanese KitKats for your kids, unless they really like red beans and wasabi.

At the time of publication the author held GOOG.

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