Rovi Broadens Global Data Footprint To Serve Customers' Expansion Into New Markets

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI), driving digital entertainment innovation, is broadening its metadata footprint to help its customers scale their entertainment products globally and deliver relevant video services to the local market. Rovi today announced the expansion of its global video data offering, Rovi Video, to serve the Australian and Turkish markets. The additions support multiple customer expansions and launches Rovi local data services in those markets. Rovi's expansive global entertainment database, comprised of data on a broad array of international content and local TV programming for over 50 countries worldwide, is used in entertainment applications and devices to help consumers find TV shows and movies to watch.

"For global device manufacturers and service providers, Rovi's global entertainment data offering provides a thoughtful approach to launching local video services," said Bob Shallow, SVP of product sales and marketing at Rovi. "The quality and coverage of metadata used in devices and applications is the backdrop for creating an enjoyable entertainment experience. We continue to build out our global data services and work with third party applications providers, such as Nuance with respect to its Dragon TV and mobile software, to help drive a better entertainment experience on various devices throughout the home."

Going beyond its established presence in US and Western Europe, Rovi has already helped launch services for its customers in Canada, Portugal, Brazil, and Australia. Samsung has deployed Rovi Video in Samsung WatchON service offerings on Smart TV and mobile devices.

Rovi's global data offering and standard framework enables its customers to scale and bring new services to market with minimum effort and maintain a consistent quality of experience across their TV, tablet and mobile phone applications. These applications can use Rovi data as a base for driving the interaction between devices, making it easier for service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers to deploy advanced services across devices that are compatible with one another. This can be an advantage for service providers looking to add TV Everywhere capabilities to their offerings and launch a more holistic entertainment package for their subscribers.

For Australia, Rovi offers entertainment data on programming originating in Australia as well as international TV shows, movies and celebrities relevant to the Australian market. In Turkey, by the end of the year, Rovi plans to offer metadata on 130 channels airing in Turkey as well as information on hundreds of TV shows and films, including theatrical releases, and images. In addition, Rovi has added more than 30,000 images to its offering, increasing the total number of images in Rovi's database to more than 1.6 million.

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