5 Biggest Auto Flops of the Past Decade

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Automakers have developed plenty of cool hybrids, crossovers and other revolutionary cars in recent years -- but they've also rolled out their share of duds.

From a cloth-topped sport utility vehicle to a car that tried to cross a Cadillac's luxury with a Corvette's performance, manufacturers have offered plenty of models over the past decade that bombed in the marketplace.

"Sometimes a car company will say, 'This is the next big thing,' or 'This is a game changer' -- but it turns out that it's not. What they don't realize is that no one's built a car like that before because there's no demand for one," says Mark Takahashi of Edmunds.com, which recently chose the Top Automotive Failures of the Last Decade.

Edmunds editors assembled their list by looking at mainstream vehicles with either the lowest overall sales during the past 10 years or those that sold poorly compared with competitors.

Takahashi says many models on the list attracted just a few dozen buyers (or worse) each month. That's less than 1% of the roughly 28,000 people who buy the Toyota Camry, America's bestselling model, every 30 days.

"A lot of these cars tend to models that step well outside of a manufacturer's comfort zone, and we applaud that," Takahashi says. "But there has to be a market for something or it won't succeed."

Click below to check out Edmunds' choices for the U.S. auto market's five biggest flops of the past decade, based on total sales as of April.

Dates in parentheses refer to the years a model has been or was for sale, while the list excludes high-cost, low-volume brands such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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