You know what they say -- adapt or die. Investment banks better quickly figure out a Twitter strategy because their research departments are becoming obsolete. Mutual funds and hedge fund managers who, for various reasons, either are Twitter-blocked or scoff at it, are already at a significant disadvantage. Ironically, retail investors, facing no compliance issues with Twitter, are actually benefiting more than a lot of Wall Street right now.

I have long hesitated to share a list of my favorite/essential biotech Twitter followers because, invariably, someone important is omitted and feelings get hurt. With that caveat, however, here are 16 people -- all non-journalists -- contributing fantastic analysis and information to the Twitter biotech stream. I learn something from these people almost every day. If you follow them, you'll benefit too.

Alfredo is a professor in neurobiology. Read his tweets and learn.

Andy is non-stop vacuum cleaner of biotech information. The man doesn't sleep. He sucks up essential biotech data and retweets it to everyone. For free.

Patrick wants to be as skeptical as I am, but c'mon, no one is going to out-cynic the king of all cynics! Co-founder of Chimera Research Group, which is an good example of how quality, independent biotech research is coming of age via Twitter.

Zach is a buyside health care analyst who straddles the worlds of fundamental analysis and trading. I'm endeared to his snark and contempt for sell-side B.S.

Roy distrusts everything and everyone. It's why I love him.

Ian is another buyside vanguard on Twitter. If you want to know what Wall Street is thinking, saying or doing about a biotech stock, Ian is the guy to follow.

@sport234a2b loves to dig. Deep knowledge. Great researcher.

Bruce is a Boston venture capitalist/rock star. He doesn't tweet enough, maybe inclusion on this list will prompt him to tweet more. Essential insight into private health care investing.

I appreciate Brad's optimism and his leadership on corporate governance issues. His long-term, fundamental approach to biotech investing is a welcome pushback against the short-term trading tide.

Dr. Ben Davies: Urologic Oncologist. Surgeon. Steelers fanatic. Braggart. Funny as hell.

David Sobek is a contributor to TheStreet's biotech coverage for good reason.

Andrew is always deep in the biotech conversation. Excellent source for background information and stays crazily up-to-date with a long list of biotech stocks.

Vikram is a relatively new Twitter follow for me. I've been impressed so far.

JL lives inside SEC filings.

JQ works in the bio-pharma industry. He knows where the bodies are buried.

Following Bio Stocks is like having a direct connection to the Bloomberg newswire. I sometimes think he tweets headlines before they're even published.

That's my list. Yes, I left off some really good people so apologies. No offense intended. You should check out my entire Twitter follow list -- folks are on there for good reason.

-- Reported by Adam Feuerstein in Boston.

Adam Feuerstein writes regularly for TheStreet. In keeping with company editorial policy, he doesn't own or short individual stocks, although he owns stock in TheStreet. He also doesn't invest in hedge funds or other private investment partnerships. Feuerstein appreciates your feedback; click here to send him an email.

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