Box Image Of 20-count Box (tablets)

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (NYSE: PFE), the maker of Advil®, announced today its latest innovation in pain relief - fast acting Advil® Film Coated tablets. This first-to-market formulation marks the debut of Advil Ion Core™ Technology in the United States. This new, fast-dissolving technology, along with a unique, specially formulated ultra-thin coating, is built for speed, going to work in minutes and stopping pain in its tracks before it gets worse.
Box image of 20-count box (tablets)

Box image of 20-count box (tablets)

When pain first strikes, people can’t afford to wait for relief. The new fast acting Advil® tablets feature a breakthrough, ultra-thin coating that dissolves quickly, exposing the new Advil Ion Core™ of ibuprofen sodium. Ibuprofen sodium is designed to dissolve fast and be absorbed into the body quickly thus providing fast pain relief when it’s needed most -- before it escalates and gets in the way of people’s lives. In fact, this new tablet provides the speed and power of a liquid filled capsule, in the more popular tablet form, and comes in a premium white box.

“Tough pain intensifies if not treated quickly,” said Brian Groves, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. “Our new, fast acting Advil® tablets are designed to stop pain in its tracks, before it gets worse and interferes with the busy lives of our more than 100 million Advil® consumers.”

For more than 25 years, millions of people have trusted Advil® for unsurpassed relief of their aches and pains. Advil® contains the powerful molecule ibuprofen, which is more effective and longer lasting on tough pain than Extra Strength Tylenol®.*

No other OTC pain reliever is proven to work faster or stronger 1 than Advil®, and with the new, fast acting Advil® tablets with the unique Advil Ion Core™ Technology, consumers can continue to depend on Advil® to give them fast, effective relief for their tough pain.

New, fast acting Advil® film coated is now available to consumers in both tablet and caplet forms and is sold in 20-, 40-, and 80-count bottles in the premium white box at retailers nationwide.

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