BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TimePayment Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of MicroFinancial Incorporated (Nasdaq:MFI), a financial intermediary specializing in vendor based leasing and finance programs for microticket transactions, today announced expanded tools to aide vendors in the provision of financial services to their customers.

TimePayment now provides a customized lease payment calculator online for every registered vendor, enabling clear articulation of individual customer payment options for all lease products and terms. Leveraging TimePayment's proprietary Credit Scoring Matrix ™ in combination with a market leading breadth of financial service products and terms, this advanced toolset provides vendors a comprehensive litany of payment and financing options to offer their customers.  

"TimePayment's lease calculator is the only one that can provide the exact payment framework a customer would need for all of the programs available to them. With this information, vendor sales representatives can optimize an individual payment plan, potentially including additional equipment secure in the knowledge that the monthly payment will remain in the customer's desired budget," said Richard F. Latour, President and CEO of MicroFinancial, Inc.

For more information about TimePayment's financial services offerings for vendors, contact TimePayment at 877-868-3800, or eMail:  marketing@timepayment.com

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MicroFinancial Inc. (Nasdaq:MFI), is a financial intermediary specializing in microticket leasing and financing. MicroFinancial has been operating since 1986, and is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. 
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