NRG And ThinkEco Bring Energy-Saving Technology To Businesses

Texas businesses have a powerful new tool to monitor and manage electricity, thanks to an innovative technology relationship between NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NRG) and ThinkEco ( The first application is the new modlet ® Smart Outlet, a ThinkEco product offered by Reliant, an NRG company. The Smart Outlet is a cloud-based, energy-efficiency solution that tracks plugged-in equipment and wirelessly sends real-time usage data to Internet-connected computers, smartphones or tablets. Businesses can use this information to control energy use and help achieve savings of as much as 30 percent per device.

The Smart Outlet fits easily onto any standard electrical outlet, making the technology platform scalable to commercial environments of any size. More than 25 percent of the average office electricity use today goes to plugged-in equipment and appliances. Managers can centrally control and monitor their devices through a web browser, or by using ThinkEco’s free iPhone ® and Android ® apps.

Reliant is the first retail electric provider in Texas to offer a solution of this type to its large commercial customers or customers whose peak usage is greater than 1 megawatt.

“The Smart Outlet initiative with ThinkEco gives business customers more control to lower their usage and a better understanding of their larger energy footprint,” said Elizabeth Killinger, Retail Regional President, NRG. “The Smart Outlet reflects our commitment to exploring creative energy solutions to help companies reach sustainability goals and manage costs.”

By monitoring energy use, business managers can understand daily, weekly or monthly patterns and adjust as needed. By scheduling the Smart Outlets, businesses can end vampire power, also called standby power, from devices that draw energy even when switched off or in sleep mode. Customers also can set on/off schedules for individual devices or whole departments.

“We are excited to work with NRG and Reliant to offer our solution to their large commercial customers to address their current and future needs,” said Matthew Tolliver, Vice President of business development at ThinkEco. “Reliant and NRG’s philosophy of using smart technologies to empower energy customers resonates with our core mission and our desire to continue innovating in this space.”

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