Marissa Mayer's Strategy Pays Off for Yahoo!

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- "I'm the king of the world!!"-- Jack Dawson, Titanic

Sorry for the awful Titanic reference, but I thought it captured the moment, especially as Yahoo! ( YHOO) has now surpassed Google ( GOOG) with regards to Web traffic for the first time since July 2011, according to comScore.

Of 225 million Internet users in July, 87.2% of them visited a Yahoo! site, accounting for 196.65 million unique visitors. That's markedly higher than the traffic Google experienced, which had 192.25 million unique visitors. Rounding out the top five were Microsoft ( MSFT), Facebook ( FB), and AOL ( AOL).

This is a big deal, especially as Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has vowed to make Yahoo! a "daily habit" for consumers. Mayer has made countless acquisitions to boost Yahoo!'s engineering team, most of them being acqui-hires, as she tries to bring more people to Yahoo! properties, and make the company more relevant in the future. Clearly, that strategy is paying off, as traffic has risen 20% from last year.

What's even more impressive about Yahoo! vaulting to the top spot is the results don't account for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based tech giant's biggest acquisition this year of Tumblr.

In July, Tumblr had 38.4 million unique visitors, though a portion of the company's traffic is assigned "to other syndicated entities," per comScore's results. Tacking on just the 38.4 million unique visitors, and Yahoo! properties had 235.05 million unique visitors in July. Considering there were only 225 million unique visitors in the survey, Yahoo! is clearly seeing an explosion in traffic.

Mayer's strategy of making Yahoo! an important factor in our daily consumption habits is only just beginning, as she revamps the company for mobile, and gives its properties a fresh, new, clean look.

Mayer's next big revamp project is Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo! is spending an inordinate amount of time on this project, with the company cleaning house on some of its publishers.

According to sources close to the situation, the project is known internally as HomeRun, and will make the Yahoo! Finance page look similar to the Yahoo! homepage, which was redesigned earlier this year.

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