First Liberty Power Confirms Special Shareholder's Meeting

Las Vegas, NV, Aug. 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCQB: FLPC), aninnovative and diversified mine exploration and development companyfocused on "Mined in America" strategic industrial minerals, todayannounced the definitive scheduling of the company's specialshareholder's meeting.

According to FLPC Board Chairman, RobertReynolds, the shareholder's meeting is now set for August 30, 2013,2pm (PDT) at Suite 300, 7251 West Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV89128.  "We are pleased to have worked through the regulatoryreview process, which served to improve the scope and quality ofour disclosures relative to the forthcoming special meeting,"Reynolds said.  "The proxy statement and form is being mailedout and is also available for download from our First Liberty Powerwebsite FLPC Special StockholdersMeeting . The proxy form canbe submitted by fax or email according to the instructionsprovided, which is the method we are encouraging our shareholdersto employ. For those who are able to attend the meeting,we look forward to meeting in person.

The Special Shareholder's Meeting is open to allFirst Liberty Power stockholders of record as of July 3, 2013. All eligible shareholders are strongly encouraged to voteeither in person at the meeting, or by proxy.  However, themost expedient method for obtaining the information is to downloadthe statement and proxy form from the First Liberty Powerwebsite.

In announcing the Shareholder's Meetinginformation, Mr. Reynolds updated advances at the company'sFencemaker mine operation.  "Last week the entire FLPCmanagement team was on-site at Fencemaker to review advancementsand finalize the latest mine preparation requirements," Reynoldssaid.  "At this point, with mine water removal completed, weare focused on Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP)approval of the mine water management plan, which includesinstallation of a 2,500 gallon water storage tank and other relatedactivities.  We are pleased with the continued progress atFencemaker and will continue to update information and photos onour website and social media pages."

First Liberty Power CEO Don Nicholsonacknowledged that the great efforts and expertise of StockpileReserves LLC and Small Mine Developments (SMD), combined with thesupport of local officials, have been instrumental for the progressmade to date. "Although we've encountered some regulatory andfinancial delays which have affected our timeline for initiatingmining operations at Fencemaker, I am confident that our strategicpartners Stockpile Reserves and SMD capably met all challenges andprepared and secured the mine with the greatest attention tosafety, as well as production output," Nicholson said. "Thisproject is based on strong communication among all members of ourmining team and we will continue to work openly and diligentlytowards near term stibnite (antimony) ore production."

FLPC will continue to use Pathwaysof Progress announcements to inform and updateshareholders and stakeholders of advancements in mining andfinancial operations.

ABOUT FIRST LIBERTY POWER CORPORATION(OTCQB: FLPC): First Liberty Power Corporation is aninnovative and diversified mine exploration and development companyfocused on bringing to market "Mined in America" strategicindustrial minerals.  The FLPC corporate philosophy is drivenby a dedication to Pathways of Progress (POP). It is aprogram of best corporate practices designed to rapidly drive thecompany towards mine production/milling, benefitting FLPCshareholders, investors and mining partners and ensuring safety,environmental integrity, and good governance.  Presently, FLPChas interests in four properties: the Fencemaker antimony projectin Nevada, the Lida Valley and Smoky Valley lithium brine projectsin Nevada, and the San Juan vanadium/uranium project in Utah.

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