Stressing (is) The Point: Fewer Than 10% Consider Their Workplace Stress-Free

A global poll conducted by Monster reveals that well over half of respondents worldwide (60%) experience stress daily in the workplace, while a meager 7% work in a stress-free environment. Regionally, European workers report the lowest levels of workplace stress and US workers claim the most.

“Given today’s economic climate, it’s natural to feel some pressure at work,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice Expert for “In manageable doses, pressure can motivate us and act as a catalyst for achievement. Recognizing the difference between healthy, inspiring pressure and distracting, disheartening stress is crucial to workplace success. If you are feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis, setting aside time to assess and correct your stress level may seem impractical; but, in the long-run, remedying a persistent source of anxiety will improve your productivity and performance. Take note of trends in your daily stress level, and then schedule time with your manager to tackle especially problematic times, tasks, coworkers, or conditions. Small changes in your daily routine may be able to transform your workplace stress into career propelling pressure.”

Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW) asked visitors to their site the question, “In the past month, how many times have you been stressed at work?” and received over 3,500 responses. International findings included:
  • Daily (18-20 times per month) – 60%
  • A few times per week (10-17 times per month) – 19%
  • A few times per month ( once per week or up to 1-9 times per month) – 14%
  • Never – 7%

Breaking down the numbers by region, European respondents were responsible for the most positive statistics with only 50% reporting daily stress and 11% enjoying a stress-free workplace. Figures from the United States indicate that US workers feel the most strain at work, disclosing both the highest rate of “daily” responses (65%) and lowest rate of “never” responses (6%).

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