Lavastorm Analytics And Tableau Software Form Technology Partnership

Lavastorm Analytics, a leading global analytics software company, today announced that it has partnered with Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA), to empower knowledge workers to unlock high-impact business insights hidden in their data. As part of the Technology Partnership, Lavastorm will work with Tableau and their customers, prospects, and channel partners to extend the benefits of using both companies’ products in conjunction.

“Tableau and Lavastorm share a common goal of making it easy to extract meaning from an ever-growing volume and variety of data,” said Dan Jewett, vice president, Product Management at Tableau Software. “By joining Tableau’s partner program and bringing deeper levels of integration between our respective products to the market, Lavastorm will be able to help organizations using Tableau Software to break down their data silos and unleash the potential of their data to analyze, optimize, and control their business processes.”

The Lavastorm Analytics Engine is used by business analysts to create a virtual data mart on the fly by rapidly combining and transforming data from multiple sources without having to resort to lengthy, expensive, and error-prone custom development projects. By creating flexible, reusable ETL and core analytic processes with Lavastorm’s easy-to-use visual configuration environment, customers can break through data availability and quality bottlenecks to dramatically reduce the time it takes to discover important business insights in Tableau.

“Our customers have been using Lavastorm software in conjunction with Tableau to accelerate time-to-value for quite a while now,” said Toffer Winslow, general manager, analytics business for Lavastorm Analytics. “Our field-proven agile, data management software, go-to-market strategy, and price points all align very well with what Tableau customers are seeking. We’re very pleased to have formalized our partnership with Tableau, and we look forward to deepening our collaboration for the benefit of knowledge workers around the world seeking actionable insights to continuously improve business performance.”

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