An Apple Rumor Tim Cook Probably Knows as Fact

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- On a daily basis I'm accused of "bashing" Apple ( AAPL).

Tweets like that suck. Not only because they relay a false perception of reality, but they're horribly imprecise.

You can find the standard reiteration of my position on Apple here.

It's not worth repeating. I'm tired of doing it. As tired as the handful of Apple permabulls who refuse to accept anything but the most optimistic Apple proclamations are of hearing from me. Strange they have nothing to say about real injustice, such as ill-advised and, ultimately, retracted $1,111 price targets and such from Wall Street.

My role at TheStreet isn't too tell you, routinely, where I think the stock will go. We have plenty of other folks who do fine jobs of that, from myriad angles. I discuss companies, which, clearly, do not always act in perfect synchronicity with their stocks. When I discuss Apple, I investigate the many ways things could go -- some bullish, some bearish, some plausible, some absurd. Inherently, these conversations matter to investors, particularly those with long-term time horizons.

As such, the dumbest thing Tim Cook could do is listen to me. Of course, he doesn't. He probably doesn't know most of us -- aside from the most visible and prolific -- even exist. It's not my job to tell Tim Cook to how to run Apple. I'm a critic. As with words such as "rhetoric," we instantly associate primarily negative thoughts with "critic." Sort of the way Fox News has dumbed down the term "liberal."

A world without critical thinkers and critical public discourse is, ultimately, a bad one. Especially for investors! You have to check your assumptions and loyalties -- which seem odd to have with relation to a company or stock from an investment point of view -- frequently. That's healthy. And that's one role I attempt to facilitate.

That said, there are messages relayed via the media that, at the very least (hopefully) reconfirm what Tim Cook ought to be thinking. To illustrate this notion, let's consider the antithesis of good "advice" for Cook:
August 20, 2013, 1:56 p.m., MarketWatch, Will Apple's iPhone 5C be cheap enough?

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