NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Respected financial journalist Herb Greenberg is rejoining TheStreet ( TST), the publisher of this Web site.

"We're thrilled Herb Greenberg is returning to TheStreet. No one is more passionate and does more work around companies and industries than Herb does. He sparks serious conversation to help investors separate speculation from reality by shining a spotlight on risks," said Elisabeth DeMarse, CEO and Chairman of TheStreet in a press release. "Our goal is to educate investors, and help investors make money. But avoiding losing money is just as important as making it -- and nobody does it better than Herb."

Greenberg, who worked at TheStreet from 1998 to 2004, will be the editor of Herb Greenberg's Reality Check, a subscription newsletter designed to help investors better manage risk. In addition to that, he will write a daily blog for TheStreet's main free site, and be a contributor to Real Money's "Columnist Conversation."

Greenberg's first blog post will be published tomorrow.

In addition to his duties at TheStreet, Greenberg, who will be based in San Diego, will also remain a regular CNBC contributor, where he was previously a senior stocks commentator.

"I'm excited to be returning to my online journalism roots," Mr. Greenberg said. "A lot has changed over the years, but one thing hasn't: TheStreet stands out as an independent, edgy voice. It remains a perfect place to give investors a dose of reality -- and remind them of the risk many choose to ignore."

Following his career at TheStreet, Greenberg joined MarketWatch and wrote a weekly column for The Wall Street Journal. Greenberg also wrote a monthly column for Fortune Magazine.

Earlier in his career, Greenberg was a daily business columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle as well as a business reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.