Ram 1500
Assembled: Warren, Mich.
NHTSA percentage made in the U.S.: 67% (22% in Mexico)
MSRP: $23,400

The Ram comes in a distant third in the American pickup race, but it's making a strong play for a bigger spot in the truck market. With smaller payload capacity than the F-150 and Silverado, the Ram makes up the difference in power by offering a 5.7-liter, 390-horsepower hemi model and a 350-horsepower turbo diesel with 800-pound-feet of torque. Dodge has also been tinkering with the fuel source a bit by testing a plug-in hybrid version at government and military facilities across the country. Since Chrysler bulked up the Ram in 2009, sales have jumped from more than 177,000 to 293,000 last year. That's still nowhere close to the 450,000 sold in 2003, but it's using all of its torque to pull those numbers up.

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