9. Arbor Brewing Company Pub and Eatery
Location: Ann Arbor, Mich.

Michigan is yet another of those states where there's either no way to go wrong with the brewpubs or no way to go right about picking one. When great breweries including Bell's, Founders and Jolly Pumpkin will all feed you at least a sandwich for visiting them, it's tough to pick an outright favorite.

Folks in Wolverine country have no such problem, however, and have given Arbor Brewing a big push since it opened on Washington Street in 1995. The pub has since expanded into a game room, a private tap room and a second Corner Brewery location in 2006. Just last year, a University of Michigan graduate from Bangalore opened an Arbor Brewing Company offshoot in India.

So what's the appeal? If you're judging it strictly on brews such as the heavily hopped Sacred Cow IPA -- renamed Raging Elephant at the Bangalore location -- or its Michael Faricy's Stout and No Parking Pilsner, you're missing the point a bit. From its locally sourced tortillas, meats, breads and coffee to its extensive vegetarian and vegan options, ABC has made a point of being inclusive and cementing itself into the community. Sure, the bean quesadillas, pierogi, burgers, veggie jambalaya and falafel wraps are a reason to come in. But when your old classmates worked on ABC's Green Brewery Project and helped reduce its carbon footprint or your local creamery's cheese made the menu, ABC's hoping that will keep you coming back. The love it's getting on this list suggest that's not a stretch.

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