Luskin, last seen holding millions of shares of Eastman Kodak as it plunged into bankruptcy, is now betting big on Vical. On allovectin-7 in a recent Seeking Alpha article, Luskin says, "I expect that Allovectin-7 will become one of the best selling cancer drugs of all time."

I disagree with Luskin on allovectin-7. I don't believe the drug will be successful in this ongoing phase III skin cancer study. Results expected later this month. Disagreeing with Luskin makes him mad. Very mad. When Luskin finds out that you disagree with him about a stock, he will call and email you to argue his point of view. He will also post thousands of times -- literally -- on Internet stock message boards. When he fails to convince you that he's right, he will call and email you more, often several times a day. His calls and emails will become more argumentative and hostile. If you ask Luskin nicely to refrain from calling and emailing you, he will yell, accusing you of conspiring with short sellers to manipulate lower the price of his beloved stock.

If you finally lose patience with Luskin and call him a whackadoodle, he will leave you a voice mail just like this one he left me on July 30 at 6:15 pm ET. (Saved on my iPhone.)

Luskin to me:

Hey you little piece of shit. You call me fucking names in public? I'll fucking destroy you. I'll fucking destroy you, you understand you little piece of shit? You be fucking nice! You're too much of a little fucking piece of shit, alright? You fuckhead! You understand? YOU FUCK WITH ME I'LL FUCK YOU UP!

Sorry about the avalanche of F bombs, but all of Luskin's subtleties would be lost without them.

You want more hate mail? Okay, "Johhny" isn't happy with my bearish call on GTX ( GTXI) and its cancer muscle wasting drug enobasarm:

You will sharing a cell with Steven Cohen. Between your "twitter survey" and your friend who shorts biotech companies, you are doing your personal best to destroy GTX. The SEC will bring you down to your knees as a self promoter of your "short" friends. No matter what you continue to write, the FDA will have the final decision and you will get what you deserve in the end. I hope you get cancer and die from the chemo.

The dying from chemo thing was a nice touch.

As far as I can tell, nothing has changed at Inovio Pharmaceuticals ( INO). The company is still flogging the synthetic vaccine and electroporation vaccine delivery technologies of 30 years ago. The other constant is Inovio's relentless self promotion. Two big changes over this time period: 1) Inovio's pipeline products fail or disappear, and 2) one group of disgruntled and money-losing retail investors is replaced by a new crowd of doe-eyed investors believing Inovio has turned the corner. Of course, this is never true. Rinse. Repeat.

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