Tesla: Can You Feel the Love?

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- If you're loved, almost making a profit is good enough, especially if you can maintain investor hope of immense future profits.

You may know a company called Molycorp ( MCP). Molycorp more than quadrupled in price within about six months.

In January 2011, I warned Molycorp investors that profits and valuations matter. I've written about other bubbles as well including this article about Hauppauge ( HAUP) and many others. The point is, unless you're using a protective stop, you can give all gains back very quickly.

The above-mentioned stocks experienced tremendous investor love, but the chart patterns all look the same. As soon as the love is gone, they need to stand up on their own or fall as fast as or faster than they climbed.

Jim Cramer recently wrote it takes three things to kill a cult. If you haven't read Cramer's piece you should. Cramer writes that Amazon ( AMZN) is a loved stock and his correct long call was valid for over $50 in gains.

I've taken the opposite view and didn't believe the risk was worth the potential reward. A few weeks ago I added Amazon and Tesla ( TSLA) as ideas with which to short calls. Cramer says Telsa is a loved company, and I think he's right. As long as Telsa remains loved, the earnings reports aren't terribly important.

As we approached Tesla's earnings release Wednesday the shares sold off. I didn't think too much of the share weakness because it's common for high flyers to give some back as investors lock in gains before a big announcement.

After the earnings release, it became clear that the love affair with Tesla is far from over. After reporting another loss (yes, I know, 5 cents profit if you don't use the pesky GAAP method) the shares popped higher faster than a charged-up S can go from 0 to 60.

Talking heads on the "trading floor" gave a case how the shares could double if you apply a 20 P/E and value it out over the next 10 years as if anyone can reasonably predict the auto market five years from now, much less 10.

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