Dell Scalable End-to-End Solution To Enhance Learning Outcomes Deployed By Noel-Baker Community School

Dell today announced that Noel-Baker Community School, a comprehensive secondary school based in Derby, has deployed a new IT infrastructure based on Dell end-to-end solutions. This has created an environment that enables the school’s students to learn in a more engaging way, supports teachers to deliver fresh and innovative methods of teaching, and provides the IT team with the automated infrastructure required to rapidly respond to IT demands.

With the flexible, automated and robust infrastructure now in place, the IT team no longer have to dedicate vast amounts of time to servicing the school and its customers, and now has additional free time to focus on more strategic and higher-level tasks to further benefit the school. The new infrastructure is based on Dell servers, networking, storage, end-user computing devices and Dell KACE systems management appliances, and was created in conjunction with the rebuild of the school’s campus. The fully refreshed back-end data centre and devices that teachers and pupils use every day, have created a cutting-edge environment for enhanced learning.

In addition to providing Noel-Baker Community School with the technology it needs to maintain its everyday requirements, the new Dell-based back-end infrastructure enables the school to offer IT services to neighbouring educational institutions and charities. This is made possible as the IT team can take advantage of the highly virtualized and automated environment to outsource computing environments on-demand. This has raised the school’s profile within the community and is generating income to fund other IT projects and services. The new deployment has also helped the IT team to show off their technical abilities to prospective customers which may be interested in using the infrastructure, and display the potential benefits of technology in schools, putting the school at the forefront of IT innovation within the education space.

The IT team wanted to provide a 1:1 ratio of computers to students to provide them with access to the tools they needed for highly effective learning. With Dell Latitude laptops deployed throughout classrooms and Dell OptiPlex desktops installed in ‘breakout zones’ such as the library and teachers’ desks in every classroom, students now have access to the resources they need to complete important course work. Teachers now are fully supported and can simply log in to their desktops during lessons to access applications and files. This also eliminates the need for teachers to configure their laptops with surrounding equipment such as projectors and printers every time they move classrooms.

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