Investigate the NCAA, Not Manziel

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Apparently the NCAA is investigating Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel in an attempt to determine if Manziel broke the NCAA's rules against profiting from his own efforts.

According to the NCAA, it's OK for Manziel and other top-tier athletes to take a few of the falling crumbs from the small-kids table; however, in no way should he be allowed to exploit his own talents and hard work. No, exploiting his dedication, focus, and hard work is strictly limited to the schools, NCAA and staff.

Instead of Manziel, schools and the NCAA should be investigated for their greediness and scheme to take everything they can from the students and give as little as possible back. It's downright immoral, and a national disgrace how the very faculty charged with advancing the education and quality of life of the students, have instead conspired against the students-athletes to pilfer the fruit of the athletes' labor.

You may still buy into the NCAA and college charade that Johnny Manziel is an amateur, and student-athletes are better off if they are free from the hindrance of money. There is another group of people claiming their workers shouldn't keep the money from their own work too, and they're called pimps. It's a total fraud claiming there are noble altruistic reasons for their exploitation of student-athletes.

"But they should play for the love of the game."

Of course, they love playing; they wouldn't have made it as far as they have if not. Regardless, shouldn't the athletes get a vote in their own future? Liking what you do isn't a valid reason why you shouldn't get paid.

If the schools were actually doing what they are supposed to do, namely provide the best life-long education they can, they wouldn't shackle the students; rather they would assist them in brand building. The schools know all about brand-building, albeit they're focused on building their own brands, not the students' brands.

If the schools were doing the right thing, they would organize marketing, business, and athletic students to work together in maximizing the revenue and learning experience for all students. There is a lot of money on the table, but in the minds of colleges, the students are there to serve, not to take anything off the table.

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