The Rankings:

The top 20 providers, as ranked by Talkin' Cloud, include:
1) (San Francisco, CA)
2)   Amazon (Seattle, WA)
3)   Microsoft (Redmond, WA)
4)   Oracle (Redwood City, CA)
5)   Google (Mountain View, CA)
6)   SAP (Waldorf, Germany)
7)   SoftLayer (IBM)(Dallas, TX)
8)   Terremark (Verizon)(Miami, FL)
9)   Rackspace (San Antonio, TX)
10)   NetSuite (San Mateo, CA)
11)   Workday (Pleasanton, CA)
12)   Dropbox (San Francisco, CA)
13)   Savvis (CenturyLink)(Town & Country, MO)
14)   Joyent (San Francisco, CA)
15)   Navisite (Time Warner)(New York, NY)
16)   Citrix Systems (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
17)   LogMeIn (Boston, MA)
18)   Zoho (Pleasanton, CA)
19)   Dimension Data (Johannesburg, South Africa)
20)   Carbonite (Boston, MA)

The full list is available at: .

"We are honored to be named a top 100 Cloud Service Provider, and as one of Boston's biggest cloud software companies, we're thrilled to represent the city and region on a list of the "Who's Who" of cloud services software," said Michael Ewing, LogMeIn's CMO. "We believe the IT services market, as well as innovation centers like Boston, are poised to benefit from the transformative nature of the cloud. And we see a strong relationship with both communities as a key competitive advantage for LogMeIn's continued growth and success."

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