Plantation, FL, Aug. 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To  help hospitals address the Hospital ReadmissionReduction Program (HRRP) provision of the Affordable HealthcareAct, Health Revenue AssuranceHoldings, Inc. (OTCBB: HRAA) has developed ReadmissionsVisualizer TM to improve andprotect revenue by predicting which patients are at high risk forreadmissions.

Readmissions Visualizer TM, currently beingbeta tested by multiple hospital systems, is a predictive modelinganalytics solution.  The product focuses on readmissionimprovement metrics on high risk patients so hospitals can improvetheir readmissions profile. Hospital employees ranging from seniorlevel administrators to care managers can utilizeReadmissions Visualizer TM to identify trends inreadmissions, flag patients that are at risk of being readmittedand prioritize action-oriented plans to reduce their likelihood ofreturning.

Under HHRP the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) will finehospitals for high rates of Medicaid patients -- treated forconditions that include heart failure and pneumonia -- who arereadmitted within 30 days of being discharged. The program isexpected to save CMS billions of dollars over the next seven yearsand put thousands of hospitals at financial risk if they do notcurb rates.

"A typical hospital with 350 beds will lose between $2.5 and $3million over three years if they have a poor readmissions rate. Weknow, from years of working with more than 900 hospitals, which keyindicators improve predictions that a patient is at high risk ofreadmission. These risk factors include poor support systems in thehome, prescription medication payment concerns, accessibility ofhealth services and other social and economic data," said MichaelGallagher, MD, chief medical officer of HRAA.

Readmissions Visualizer TM provides hospitalswith the ability to view current inpatient and historicalreadmission information through an intuitive Web interface. Keyfeatures include:
  • Readmission Dashboard - View of monthlyReadmission Results for HF, AMI, Pneumonia, and COPD with patientdetail by Practice or Provider.
  • Near-Miss Analysis- View ofEmergency Room, Urgent Care and Observation Status to reveal gapsand indicate processes that can be improved.
  • Current Risk - View of  current censusincluding Read for Admission, History of CHF/AMI/PN, ReadmissionRisk Score, Emergency Room History, and Follow-UpAppointments.

"In order to impact readmissions of Medicare patients, hospitalsneed a way to monitor their performance," continued Dr. Gallagher."CMS penalties will hurt, and every dollar a hospital losesthreatens their ability to provide quality healthcare services topatients."

Andrea Clark, chief executive officer of HRAA reported, "Onecurrent customer using theReadmissions Visualizer TM was able to put inplace a plan that included personal contact through follow-up callsto at-risk patients which reduced their readmission rates. We areconfident that other clients will see similar results in the nearfuture."

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) a total of 2,217 hospitals are expected to be penalized inthe first year of the program. Of those 2,217 hospitals, 307 willpay the maximum, one percent penalty of their regular Medicarereimbursements. The penalty cap will increase to two percent in2014 and three percent in 2015.


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