The Company recently signed 12 new leases averaging 41,000 square feet in size in Little Rock, AR; Dublin, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Walnut Creek, CA; Davie, FL; Augusta, GA; Lake Forest, IL; East Lansing, MI; St. Paul, MN; Lake Norman, NC; Columbus, OH; and Houston, TX. These stores currently are scheduled to open in fiscal year 2014 and beyond.

The following table provides additional information about the Company's store openings in fiscal years 2012 and 2013 year to date; leases currently tendered but unopened; and total development pipeline (including leases currently tendered) for stores scheduled to open through fiscal year 2017.
  Stores Stores Current Current
  Opened Opened Leases Leases
New Store Information FY12 FY13 YTD Tendered Signed
Number of stores (including relocations) 25 24 21 94
Number of relocations 1 4 3 11
Number of lease acquisitions, ground leases, & owned properties 0 3 6 6
New markets 8 9 6 21
Average store size (gross square feet) 35,500 35,700 37,300 37,800
Total square footage 887,400 855,700 784,000 3,569,000
Average tender period in months 7.9 9.3    
Average pre-opening expense per store (incl. rent) $1.7 mil      
Average pre-opening rent per store $0.6 mil      

Outlook for Fiscal Years 2013 and 2014

The following table provides information on the Company's updated outlook for fiscal year 2013. The Company notes that fiscal year 2013 is a 52-week year comparing against 53 weeks last year, with the extra week last year falling in the fourth quarter, making it a 13-week quarter. 

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