Keep Your Town Car, Trade In Ford Stock

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I learned how to drive in 1960 in a stick shift Nash Rambler. That's the car that beat the Cadillac in the song 'Beep Beep' by the Playmates in 1959. I was t-boned in this car two years later.

My second car was a 1962 Ford Fairlane, which I used at Georgia Tech in 1963 through 1966. In 1967 when driving this car I was rear-ended on Montauk Highway on New York's Long Island by a car owned by a Dodge dealership. The whiplash put my eyeglasses on the rear window ledge. The good news is that the Dodge dealer gave me a price I couldn't refuse on the showroom 1967 Dodge Dart GT. This was a great machine that I traded in for a family car after my wife gave birth to our first son in 1971.

During the 1970s our family cars were dull models from General Motors ( GM). During the years of the implementation of the catalytic converter I hated GM cars because they were frequently back in the shop for repairs. Once when we were driving north on the Florida Turnpike in 1977 after visiting my mother our Buick died. This proved to be an opportunity to take my wife and two sons to Disney while the car was being repaired. This was my last GM automobile.

I have been a Ford Motor ( F) man ever since. Once we had four drivers in the family we had to have four cars. My oldest son had a 1989 Ford Mustang convertible, my station car was a Ford Explorer, and the family car was a Lincoln Continental. My younger son's first car was the 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra, which was a beast. The Cobra had a stick shift and thanks to learning how to drive that 'Beep Beep' in 1960 getting home from the Ford dealer and teaching my son how to drive a stick was challenging, but not a major issue.

In 1986, while vacationing in Vermont, our Bill Blass version of the Lincoln Continental died. Instead of waiting for a potential repair the local dealer had a Town Car, which I bought on trade-in.

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