As baby boomers retire -- and we're retiring in car-load lots these days -- our goals shift from capital gains to income, and for these investors there's now a better deal, the Master Limited Partnership.

Many real estate and energy investments are now set up as MLPs. MLPs have tax advantages and can throw off spectacular rates of dividends.

Breitburn Energy Partners ( BBEP), an oil and gas MLP out of Los Angeles, presently yields more than 10%. Annaly Capital Management ( NLY), which invests in mortgages and related instruments, currently yields more than 13%.

Some analysts, like Shane Brett of Global Perspective in the U.K., are calling this the "end of the gilded age." They say that competition from things like MLPs, new rules on compensation, and returns on exchange-traded funds are sunsetting the "big man" fund.

During the age of the gangster picture, in the 1930s, Hollywood required that the main character get it in the end. James Cagney's Public Enemy was trussed up like a mummy and left on his mother's doorstep. Edward G. Robinson's Little Caesar was shot in the street and asked, "Is this the end of Rico?"

What we've learned is that when one movie ends, another one starts. Trends change, but the desire for yield, and for someone to personify yield, abides. There will be more Steven Cohens, regardless of how his firm's current troubles end. We all need to believe there's a hero out there for our money, someone who will make us rich while we watch.

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