A Glance At Europe's Unemployment Rates

By The Associated Press

The economy of the 17 European Union countries showed a small sign of improvement in June when the number of people unemployed fell for the first time since April 2011.

Here is a breakdown of unemployment across Europe and the eurozone. Country/RegionJune 2012May 2013June 2013Eurozone (17 countries)11.412.112.1Austria4.54.74.6Belgium7.78.68.7Cyprus11.716.517.3Estonia10.1*8.0n/aFinland7.78.18.0France10.210.911.0Germany5.55.45.4Greece23.1**26.9***n/aIreland14.913.613.5Italy10.812.212.1Luxembourg5.15.75.7Malta6.66.16.1Netherlands5.16.66.8Portugal15.817.617.4Slovakia14.014.314.5Slovenia8.811.311.2Spain25.126.426.3European Union (27 countries)10.511.010.9U.S.*May 2012, **April 2012, ***April 2013Source: Eurostat
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