I May Buy Tesla but Not the Stock

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- There are few days in life that are more thrilling and terrifying than the day you take your driver's license test.

Back then, we weren't required to wear seat belts. I can't tell you my 1974 "rust bucket" Toyota ( TM) Corolla seat belts received a lot of use, but I do know they were used that day.

It was almost 30 years ago, and I still remember returning from the official test drive thinking I didn't pass. As soon as the examiner advised to "slow down" (perhaps omniscient of my future driving), I thought the exam was all but over.

However, upon our return, he stated in a monotone voice what I waited and dreamed about for years to hear: "You passed." I was so surprised after my self-induced ego deflation that I actually questioned his decision.

What? Ok, there was no way I was about to question his decision to pass me, and I did my best to remain cool on the outside while internally high-fiving myself until the license was in hand and I could let loose.

Newly minted drivers aren't the only ones who get excited. Investors allow emotions to take the steering wheel at times, too.

I've since upgraded from my no air-conditioned, manual steering and hand-cranked windows with a broken gas gauge (not a good thing when you're a broke teenager) rusty beater to my General Motors ( GM) Escalade with more features on the steering wheel than my Corolla had in the entire vehicle.

Cadillac produces a enjoyable ride, and when you're trying to get a family of six (including a friendly, albeit large, 100-pound Yellow lab) from here to there, the extra room of a SUV comes in handy. However, Cadillac isn't the only player in luxury SUVs.

There's another American made luxury SUV that I started test-driving a few weeks ago to replace my Escalade. No, it isn't Ford's ( F) Lincoln Navigator, although I'm sure it's a nice ride (I don't find the front grill appealing).

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