Health Revenue Assurance Holdings Inc. To Provide ICD-10 Transition Services To Four Health Systems In Midwest

Plantation, FL, July 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Health Revenue Assurance Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: HRAA) todayannounced that it was selected as a strategic partner to provideICD-10 services to four health systems in the Midwest through theOctober 1, 2014  transition and beyond starting July 15, 2013.These health systems provide quality patient care to over 300,000patients a year and employ more than 500 physicians across 65medical specialties.

Under these new contracts, HRAA will provide ICD-10 transitionservices that include Technology, Coding Education, Coding Reviewsand Risk Mitigation Services.  The coding education isdesigned to ensure retention of the selected data, while minimizingthe interruption to staff productivity.  HRAA will alsoprovide coding reviews, where inpatient and outpatient medicalrecords will be evaluated to provide assessments that will enablethe health systems to analyze their clinicaldocumentation. 

HRAA will utilize its proprietary businessintelligence software, ICDVisualizer,to analyze the health systems' financial, coding and productivityimpacts to help mitigate risks and potential revenue shortfallsassociated with ICD-10 and thereafter.  HRAA's team will thenreview the analysis and develop risk mitigation strategies as itrelates to payor contracting relations, financial and productivityimpacts and documentation improvement, and recommend sample setsfor future coding audits. 

Based on initial contracts, HRAA expects to receive totalrevenues ranging from $200,000 to $300,000 for the four healthsystems.

"The transition to ICD-10 codes is not just a coding conversion;it is a change that impacts all areas of the revenue cycle. Withfour new health systems on board, this further validates that HRAAhas best-in-breed technology and consulting services for the ICD-10transition," commented President and COO Robert Rubinowitz. "Theaddition of these customers to our growing client base is asignificant step forward as we draw nearer to the transition dateof October 1, 2014."

About HRAA

HRAA (OTCBB: HRAA) interprets data to ensurethat healthcare is efficient and effective for hospitals, providersand other healthcare organizations by pulling medical data togetherto create a predictive window to understand cost and revenueslooking back and going forward. Founded in 2001, HRAA combinesyears of industry expertise with best-in-breed technology to createmarket leading business intelligence products and consultingservices to ensure healthcare organizations are reimbursed forevery pill they prescribe, every procedure they perform and everytest they administer. HRAA both trains and supplies high techworkforce to generate the predictive data used by the wholehealthcare system and offers a full suite of solutions needed tokeep up with the ever-changing industry including data analyticssoftware, business intelligence technology, medical coding,auditing, education, revenue cycle consulting, and ICD-10transition solutions. For more information please visit:

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