New Jersey American Water Answers Aging Water Infrastructure Challenge With Community Pipeline Revival

If you had been on the job for 100 years, you’d be ready for retirement too. The fact is that some of the water pipes in New Jersey are even older than that. Much of the state’s drinking and wastewater pipelines are rapidly approaching the end of their problem-free lives, and New Jersey American Water is launching a multimillion dollar effort called Community Pipeline Revival (CPR) to accelerate the renewal of this critical part of our state’s infrastructure supported by customers in more than a hundred communities across the state.

“CPR will accelerate the rehabilitation and replacement of local pipelines and their associated components such as fire hydrants and valves,” said Suzanne Chiavari, vice president of engineering. “This will enhance our customers’ water service reliability and water quality. These improvements will also help ensure that the necessary system flows and pressures are there when local firefighters need it 24 hours a day.”

New Jersey American Water spends millions of dollars every year on the maintenance and replacement of its nearly 9,000 miles of pipeline. “But those pipes are aging faster than we can replace them,” said Chiavari. “CPR allows us to dramatically step up our efforts. We will be investing $100 million in local CPR projects this year alone.”

According to an economic analysis by the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, the company’s expenditures on necessary water infrastructure generate significant economic benefits for the state, including the direct effects of the initial spending and the ensuing indirect economic effects. “The hundreds of millions of dollars we are spending on CPR create and preserve jobs,” said Chiavari. “It puts thousands of people to work across the state in good-paying construction jobs, as well as supporting industries, such as those that provide the materials and equipment necessary for pipeline revival projects.”

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