Affymetrix Introduces New Axiom® 384HT Genotyping Format Enabling New Level Of Cost-Effective, High-Throughput Genotyping Studies

Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFFX) announces the introduction of the Axiom ® 384HT genotyping format, a breakthrough cost-effective, high-throughput format for genotyping in which 384 samples are simultaneously processed with 384 discrete microarrays in a microplate format analyzing up to 50,000 SNPs per sample.

The array content of the new Axiom 384HT format is fully customizable, supporting applications ranging from detailed assessment of human disease to high-throughput agricultural screening and marker-assisted breeding. This new 384-array format runs seamlessly on the existing GeneTitan® Multichannel Instrument, providing researchers with a flexible choice of array formats on a single automated platform for highly cost-effective identification, validation, and screening of complex genetic traits.

“This latest addition to the Axiom genotyping platform uniquely addresses a trend in both the human and agrigenomics fields of study using population-optimized or application-focused content in conjunction with low operating cost,” said Andy Last, Executive Vice President of Genetic Analysis and Clinical Applications Business Unit at Affymetrix. “The new format increases throughput per system by fourfold, meeting the expanding demands of targeted genotyping on very large numbers of samples at a significantly reduced cost. Custom arrays can be manufactured and delivered to customers in as little as four to six weeks.”

Limagrain, a French agricultural cooperative and the fourth largest seed company in the world, has adopted the Axiom 384HT format for routine genotyping of a number of plants using the Axiom myDesign™ multi-species custom arrays in the 384-layout.

“We are very excited to adopt the Axiom 384HT format in our routine genotyping program. This will give us the capacity to run systematic marker-assisted selection with very large sets of markers to improve the yield and quality of all our crops, which will result in a strong acceleration of the various breeding programs at Limagrain,” said Dr. Jean-Pierre Martinant, Deputy Head of Research Support Functions for Limagrain Europe. “The Limagrain production facilities are the first in the world to achieve the capability to screen thousands of SNPs across many thousands of plant samples in a rapid, affordable, and routine manner with the 384-array format.”

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