Volumes, price and distributable income available to unitholders for the period were (dollars in thousands, except per unit):

Sales Volumes          
Oil (MBbl) (1) 137
Gas (MMcf) 1,337
Combined (MBoe) 359
Average Price
Oil (per Bbl) (1) $ 85.87
Gas (per Mcf) $ 4.04
Average Price - including impact of derivative settlements and post-production expenses
Oil (per Bbl) (1) $ 93.78
Gas (per Mcf) $ 3.55
Royalty income $ 17,136
Derivative settlements 1,133
Expenses 1,349
Distributable income available to unitholders $ 16,920
Distributable income per Common Unit (21,000,000 units issued and outstanding) $ 0.6112
Distributable income per Subordinated Unit (7,000,000 units issued and outstanding) $ 0.5835
(1)   Includes natural gas liquids.

In addition to wells that were producing at the effective date of the assignment of the royalty interests to the Trust, SandRidge, pursuant to a development agreement with the Trust, was obligated to drill, or cause to be drilled, the equivalent of 123 development wells, determined by reference to SandRidge’s net revenue interest in a well and the perforated length of the well, in an area of mutual interest by December 31, 2015. As of May 31, 2013, SandRidge had drilled approximately 124 development wells and met its obligation under the development agreement.

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