California Governor Jerry Brown Proclaims July

Yosemite’s majestic falls. The world-class skiing of Lake Tahoe. The California Aqueduct. In California, water has always been synonymous with life, beauty, vitality, and prosperity. Governor Jerry Brown realizes the importance of water for California. “Water,” he said, “is the backbone to the success of the state’s economy.” Therefore, on June 28 th, 2013, Governor Brown proclaimed July to be “Water Smart Month”.

Water Smart Month is an idea conceived by the Irrigation Association ( to increase public awareness of water use and to promote the use of water-saving products, practices, and services. July was chosen because it is one of the warmest months of the year and, as Governor Brown wrote in his proclamation, “snow packs are shrinking and the state will not see its reservoirs begin to fill again until fall.” He continues: “Low consumption practices and technology will help keep water in the streams and lakes for all to enjoy.”

Rob Starr, with The Toro Company’s specification and water management group, was instrumental in the proclamation issued from the Governor’s office. “Working closely with the Department of Water Resources, California State Assembly member Eric Linder, and State Senator Richard Roth, The Toro Company has continued to educate and develop products to support the state legislations AB 1881 and SBx7 [water conservation ordinances] to help water agencies meet the directives [of these ordinances].” These efforts have included education, training, and even partnering with local municipalities and water districts to supply residents with water-efficient Toro® Precision™ Spray Nozzles through initiatives such as

California citizens can be “water smart,” not only in July but all year long, in a myriad of ways. First, check irrigation systems and fix any leaks—even one dripping valve can waste up to five gallons a day or over 2,000 gallons a year! Second, minimize or prevent hardscapes (like sidewalks and driveways) from being watered. Third, invest in add-on technologies that permit watering only when needed, such as a wireless soil moisture sensor or rain sensor.

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