First Liberty Power Announces Fencemaker Plan Of Operations Approved

Las Vegas, NV, July 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCQB: FLPC), aninnovative and diversified mine exploration and development companyfocused on "Mined in America" strategic industrial minerals, todayannounced that the Fencemaker/Antimony Mine "Plan of Operation" hasreceived Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approval.  JamesVogan, Director of Stockpile Reserves, LLC (SRL) and FencemakerOperations Manager issued the announcement. 

Mr. Vogan officially announced that theFencemaker Mine operation has received approval for productionoperations.  Mr. Vogan stated, "While several notices,modifications and explorations of the Fencemaker Mine have come andgone over the last seven years, the plan of operation is now ineffect, paving the way for antimony production to begin," Vogansaid.  "The last time Fencemaker was fully operational was inthe early 1980's."

In announcing the plan of operations approval,Vogan addressed the FLPC mining timeline.

"At this point, the outside of the mine is secure and waterremoval almost completed," Vogan said.  "The final pre-miningwork involves securing the inside of the mine followed by readyingthe mine for the first blast for production.  We anticipatethat first mine production can begin in early August."

VP operations Bob Reynolds, FLPC congratulated Mr. Vogan andcited his dedication and perseverance to get the final permit inplace to begin mine operations.  "James commented that todayis a great day for SRL and all those who have worked so hard toachieve this milestone in the history of the Fencemaker mine. It was with his leadership and many other talented people whoworked as a team that First Liberty Power is delighted to announcethis accomplishment along with our strategic partner, SRL."

Mr. Reynolds provided a further announcementthat he and Mr. Vogan recently participated in a conference withthe Defense Logistics Agency - Strategic Materials (DLA SM) and theInstitute for Defense Analyses (IDA).  The purpose of theconference was to elicit industry input for a focused assessment ofdownstream material supply chain "weak links" of antimony for the2015 NDS Requirements Report.

"We were pleased to participate in thisconference about the future of antimony supply," Reynoldssaid.  "The fact that FLPC and SRL were invited to participatein this conference, alongside a number of highly-regarded companiesand government representatives are indicative of our emergingprominence in the antimony mining industry."

To generate awareness of the DLA SM/ IDARequirements Report, FLPC has placed the public version of their2013 report on Strategic and Critical Materials on StockpileRequirements on the First Liberty Power website.  Toreview the report - go to:

FLPC will continue to use Pathways ofProgress announcements to inform and updateshareholders and stakeholders of advancements in mining andfinancial operations.

ABOUT FIRST LIBERTY POWER CORPORATION(OTCQB: FLPC): First Liberty Power Corporation is aninnovative and diversified mine exploration and development companyfocused on bringing to market "Mined in America" strategicindustrial minerals.  The FLPC corporate philosophy is drivenby a dedication to Pathways of Progress (POP). It is aprogram of best corporate practices designed to rapidly drive thecompany towards mine production/milling, benefitting FLPCshareholders, investors and mining partners and ensuring safety,environmental integrity, and good governance.  Presently, FLPChas interests in four properties: the Fencemaker antimony projectin Nevada, the Lida Valley and Smoky Valley lithium brine projectsin Nevada, and the San Juan vanadium/uranium project in Utah.

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