FAB Universal To Sell Its Audio-Video Products To China Unicom

FAB Universal (NYSE MKT: FU), a worldwide distributor of digital entertainment, announced today it has added a new wholesale customer, China United Network Limited China (China Unicom) having signed cooperation agreements with Beijing Baifu Hongtai Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing Baifu Hongtai) and Beijing Berlin Information Service co. Ltd. (Berlin Information Service).

As the authorized distributors of China Unicom, Beijing Baifu Hongtai and Berlin Information Service operate some of China-Unicom’s Business Stores throughout China. China Unicom, which trades on the NYSE, the Hong Kong Exchange and Shanghai Securities Exchange, is currently engaged in business in 31 provinces in China as well as countries outside of China, and generated revenue of RMB 248.93 billion (US$ 40 billion) in 2012. Initially, Beijing Baifu Hongtai and Berlin Information Service will sell FAB Universal’s copyright protected audio-video products in 37 China-Unicom Business Stores in Beijing.

“These cooperation agreements open a new wholesale channel for FAB Universal’s audio-video products and give China Unicom audio-video products to sell to consumers for the first time. Together these cooperation agreements represent a significant achievement for the company,” said Chris Spencer, President and CEO of FAB Universal. “Given China Unicom’s market leadership in the domestic Chinese market, we believe these agreements will drive further growth for our wholesale business.”

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