Loan balances increase

Total ending loan balances were $75 billion, an increase of $1.1 billion or 1.4 percent linked quarter. Loan growth was broad-based among product lines as well as across the company’s geographic footprint as approximately 70 percent of the company’s areas experienced loan growth. Total new loan production for the quarter was $8 billion, an increase of 23 percent linked quarter.

Total business lending, which is made up of commercial loans and investor real estate loans, increased 2.2 percent to $46 billion at quarter end. These loans make up 61 percent of the total loan portfolio. Much of this increase was driven by commercial and industrial loans, which experienced growth for the twelfth straight quarter. Ending loans in this category were up 5 percent compared to the prior quarter, and 11 percent over the same period last year. New loan production in this portfolio increased 36 percent linked quarter to $4 billion as the company experienced pick up in lending to small businesses as well as seasonal growth in demand overall. In addition, total commercial and industrial line commitments grew $2 billion, or 5 percent linked quarter.

The investor real estate portfolio declined during the second quarter; however, this portfolio experienced a more modest rate of decline compared to previous quarters. The pace of de-risking has slowed and has been somewhat offset by new production. Total new and renewed production in this portfolio increased 12 percent from the prior quarter and was driven by lending to well-qualified home builders and developers in select markets. At quarter end, the investor real estate portfolio totaled $7 billion and comprised 9 percent of the total loan portfolio, compared to 12 percent one year ago.

Consumer loans totaled $29 billion on an ending basis and remained flat linked quarter, indicating that consumer deleveraging has begun to subside. Consumer loan production totaled $3 billion in the second quarter, an increase of 12 percent over the prior quarter. Indirect auto loans experienced an increase in ending balances of 9 percent linked quarter. Production in the indirect auto portfolio totaled $508 million during the quarter, an increase of 21 percent linked quarter and 40 percent over the prior year.

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