Recently, The Street's Gregg Greenberg interviewed SYLD's co-founder and portfolio manager Mebane Faber .

Faber mentioned that just focusing on dividends when investing in a stock is one of the mistakes that investors often make. In the interview he mentions the other ways a company can offer its shareholders some meaningful advantages.

He also comments on how publicly traded companies can promote organic growth such as investing in new products and technologies. Some go after non-organic growth like acquiring other companies.

Another reason to watch the video is to hear about all the requirements necessary for a company to become one of the 100 companies that make it into the SYLD ETF.

In its "Strategy Overview" Cambria Funds states, "Free cash flow has long been emphasized by investors as a key predictor of a company's strength."

SYLD's unique emphasis on using free cash flow for net share repurchases and net debt pay-down is both a risk-reduction and an upside growth investment approach.

The manager of SYLD believes that a focus on all three shareholder benefits; dividend payments, net share repurchases and net debt pay-down, a trio collectively known as "shareholder yield" produces a portfolio of companies that offer strong free cash flow characteristics.

Faber recently authored a book titled, "Shareholder Yield: A Better Approach to Dividend Investing," which is available at ( AMZN).

Having just read the book in one sitting I can attest to its readability, clarity and universal helpfulness for investors who are directly or indirectly investing in publicly traded companies. Its glossary includes definitions of frequently used financial metrics and ratios. It alone is worth the $5.47 price of the book.

By the way, the expense ratio on SYLD is 0.59%, which is reasonable for an actively managed ETF that is rebalanced on a quarterly basis. Consider the Shareholder Yield approach as a component of your overall asset allocation strategy, and do your own careful due diligence.

At the time of publication the author is long shares of SYLD.

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