Snapple Sizes Up Lady Liberty; Brings Real Fact To Real Life

Real Fact #444: The Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 sandal – so says America’s greatest purveyor of little known facts: Snapple. To drive that fact home, Snapple has built the world’s largest sandal for Lady Liberty. The beverage brand, known for being an expert on the Best Stuff on Earth, is kicking up its heels and hitting the streets, taking the gigantic Snapple sandal on a tour of the Big Apple.

With the help of Nick Cannon, Snapple is showcasing Real Fact #444 (out of its 928 Real Facts in total) this week at locations around Manhattan to celebrate Snapple’s re-enFACTments campaign. Nick’s larger-than-life personality and the larger-than-life Snapple sandal will make a huge imprint in NYC when they greet consumers with a Snapple and a smile.

“Snapple had me at ‘biggest sandal ever,’” said Nick Cannon, America’s Got Talent host, actor, rapper, comedian and pursuer of a plethora of other successful occupations that require a press release all on its own. “I love the idea of actually showing people what a Real Fact looks like in real life, and this is a great one to do because it’s particularly ambitious, just like Snapple.”

As Snapple fans know, the only thing that comes close to an ice-cold bottle of Snapple is the Real Fact underneath the cap, a brand tradition since 2002. Snapple created Lady Liberty’s sandal as part of its “Snapple re-enFACTments” campaign, which is bringing some of the Real Facts to life both digitally and experientially.

The enormous Snapple sandal debuts today in the Big Apple. With a sandal this big, Snapple is sure to catch the attention of this Snapple Real Fact heroine, Lady Liberty herself!

“Snapple is doing what others never dreamed – bringing a Real Fact to life in an unprecedented way, with a sandal that actually fits Lady Liberty herself,” said Dave Fleming, director of marketing for Snapple. “We happen to know something about the Best Stuff on Earth, and Lady Liberty is the best symbol of freedom, opportunity and democracy on Earth. She deserves a shoe made just for her.”

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