Add that to the fact that White Wave shares have been held lower while its former parent sold off its position in the company and, Cramer said, the shares are now a coiled spring, waiting to shoot higher.

Cramer said White Wave deserves to trade among its peers, at 1.5 to 1.6 times its growth rate. Using that metric, White Wave should be trading at $26 a share, or a full 30% higher than where it does today.

Winners in the Oil Patch

The American oil revolution continues, Cramer told viewers. With the differential between West Texas crude and its international Brent crude counterpart dwindling, there will be even more big winners in the oil patch.

Cramer explained that for the past few years, West Texas crude has been selling at a discount because the lack of infrastructure has meant the crude simply couldn't get to where it needed to go. But the spread of $16 a barrel between the two benchmarks in January has all but vanished now because new pipelines and rail has finally allowed supply to meet demand. This is a game changer, if you know which companies benefit the most, Cramer said.

Those that don't benefit are the refiners, as they are now buying oil at the higher Texas prices. That means it's time to sell HollyFrontier ( HFC) and Marathon Oil ( MRO).

But the big winners include the exploration and production companies that are now able to sell their oil for $16 a barrel more. Those winners include Continental Resources ( CLR), Whiting Petroleum ( WLL) and Kodiak Oil & Gas ( KOG) in the Bakken shale and Concho Resources ( CXO) in the Permian Basin.

Cramer said it's even time to take another look at the oil tanker business with Nordic American Tanker ( NAT) because day rates for ships are finally on the rise now that Europe has bottomed and the U.S. economy slowly continues to improve.

Lightning Round

In the Lightning Round, Cramer was bullish on Ford Motor ( F), Halliburton ( HAL), Schlumberger ( SLB), Walt Disney ( DIS), Praxair ( PX) and Airgas ( ARG).

Cramer was bearish on Annaly Capital ( NLY) and Cooper Tire & Rubber ( CTB).

Off the Charts

Sequestration was supposed to kill the defense stocks, at least according to many of the bears. But that's why Cramer's mantra has always been "No one ever made a dime panicking." In his "Off The Charts" segment, Cramer went head to head with colleague Bob Lang over the chart of Northrop Grumman ( NOC), to show just how wrong everyone "in the know" was about what sequestration actually means for this giant defense contractor.

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