The potential for Locationary is huge. The company notes it has 5.61 billion data fields, with 175 million profiles and 253 feeds and repositories. That's a serious amount of data, and should drastically improve the location whereabouts of restaurants, businesses, and other shops on Apple Maps.

While Apple may not make money from Maps, it's clear that Apple is serious about drastically improving its software and services. It also shows that Apple is serious about changing the perception of its software and services, particularly its mobile apps, which have been seen as lacking in the past.

Cook has said in the past that Apple is not simply a hardware company. He's also talked about how Apple has great products, software and services coming, and Apple Maps is one of Apple's services.

Apple's decision not to include Google Maps in iOS 6 was a blunder, though Google Maps has since come back to iOS in the form of an app from the App Store. Google continues to dominate this space, and its recent acquisition of Waze only helps solidify this position. However, it's clear that Apple is not just going to sit back and watch Google extend its lead. It's going to fight back, and hard, and Locationary is going to help.

-- Written by Chris Ciaccia in New York

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