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It's a war game, Wall Street style. Banks large and small are girding for an elaborate drill this week that will test how they'd fare if hackers unleashed a powerful and coordinated attack against them. The exercise is being called "Quantum Dawn 2," and if the name sounds like a video game, it's also meant to convey the seriousness of a big threat. Cyberattacks on the banking industry are growing more frequent and sophisticated and the list of assailants is ever-changing. By Business Writers Christina Rexrode and Marcy Gordon.

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NEW YORK â¿¿ The queen has been dethroned. Barbie has long been the top doll on toy shelves. But after four straight quarters of sales declines, is Miss Popularity in danger of losing her throne? A weak toy industry in general, the success of new, edgier doll lines like vampy teen Monster High dolls and older kids turning increasingly to smartphones and tablets are all factors facing the 54-year-old fashion doll franchise. By Retail Writer Mae Anderson.

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It was an oft-invoked image on last year's campaign trail: The typical American couple, sitting around the kitchen table making a budget to ensure their bills were paid and spending hadn't gotten out of control. Turns out, most Americans don't do that. A poll from Gallup shows that 32 percent of Americans put together a budget each month to track income and expenditures, and just 30 percent have a long-term financial plan laying out savings and investment goals. By Jennifer Agiesta.

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