TowerJazz And Crocus Advance On Disruptive Technology Developments, Milestone Reached In Magnetic Memory Implementation

TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader and Crocus Technology, a leading provider of magnetically enhanced semiconductors, today announced a major breakthrough in a disruptive magnetic technology that has been co-developed with Crocus Technology. The technology now offers SRAM performance in terms of speed and power with Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) capabilities. This MRAM solution has demonstrated best-in-class performance and more than two billion cycles of program/erase were demonstrated on a 4M bit NVM product. The first market to be addressed is Battery Backed SRAM (BB-SRAM). Crocus’ product provides the best characteristics of current BB-SRAM offerings -- fast access times, low power and unlimited write cycles -- without the need for cost, recharging and long-term disposal of a Lithium battery.

According to a 2013 “Emerging Non-Volatile Memories” report from Yole Développement, higher-density NVM chips will spawn many new applications and increase the business ten-fold in just five years. According to the report, the sizable growth in emerging NVM will be due to increased use in various markets including: industrial & transportation, enterprise storage, smart card, mobiles phones and mass storage.

Crocus has developed a robust, reliable and scalable MRAM process; its Magnetic Logic Unit™ (MLU) architecture is based on its patented, revolutionary self-reference Thermally Assisted Switching™ (TAS) technology which enables a number of previously unachievable breakthroughs in magnetic memory implementation. These include: highly robust secure embedded memory, ultra-high-temperature NVM operation (e.g., >200° C), order-of-magnitude higher density hardware-based table searches (e.g., content addressable memory), high density multi-bit storage, and scaling to sub-20nm manufacturing.

"Crocus and TowerJazz have collaborated for many years to develop this disruptive technology to address the growing and vast number of markets which can be served by emerging NVM such as cache memory for enterprise storage, MCUs for smart cards, industrial and automotive applications, mobile phones and more,” said Bertrand F. Cambou, executive chairman of Crocus Technology. “TowerJazz is a known leader in NVM foundry solutions and has been the ideal partner to quickly bring leading edge commercial chip products to an eager and growing marketplace. Our collaboration will enable us to achieve high volume business for both companies with a long life on TowerJazz’s platform.”

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