4 Sporting Events to Watch on the Worst Sports Days of the Year

PORTLAND, Ore. ( TheStreet) -- There's a question that gets asked on just about every barroom trivia circuit in America: What are the only two days of the year in the United States when no professional sporting events take place?

If you're at one of these events and the correct answer is "the days before and after Major League Baseball's All-Star Game," protest vociferously.

This is one of the last conceits baseball has left: That the sporting world supposedly stops rotating when the lineups its fans vote into the All-Star Game take the field. The All-Star Game may be a big moneymaker for MLB, but there's way too much at stake for sports to just drop what it's doing for two days at a clip.

ESPN has multiple channels with multiple hours of programming to fill. Advertisers have a lot of inventory to move and a long way to go until the holiday season. More importantly, the typical American television viewer has more to watch on a midsummer Monday and Wednesday than ever before, thanks to pay-per-view options and Internet streaming.

Finally, contrary to what baseball and its most fragile little followers would like you to believe, there's actually plenty going on in sports on the days immediately before and after baseball's All-Star Game. With Monday already in the books, let's take a look at four other sporting events you could be watching today alone:

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