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Citigroup ( C)

Background: Citigroup, the leading global financial services company has some 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than hundred countries. Citigroup trades an average of 30 million shares per day with a market cap of $152 billion.

52-Week Range: $24.91 to $53.56

Price To Book: 0.8

The upcoming second-quarter earnings report is highly anticipated by hopeful investors expecting an earnings growth report before the market opens on Monday.

The analysts' mean profit appraisal is presently about $1.18 a share, a gain of 18 cents (15.3%) from $1 during the corresponding quarter last year. Last year's results represent a crushing of estimates by a wide 11 cent margin. Estimates from analysts range from a low of $1.08 per share, up to the highest estimate of $1.23 per share. In the last three years, Citigroup has missed in only one quarter's results.

There are 25 analysts who rate Citigroup a buy or strong buy out of 31 analysts. The company has four holds, and twototal sell ratings. New investors from a year ago are happy, and analysts rating this company a buy have called it correctly. The shares have moved higher 81% over the last 52 weeks. Analysts are calling for a price target of $55.79.

The chart is impressive as one would expect with the overall market making new highs and Citigroup continues paying their token one cent dividend. It's not much, but it does qualify the company as a dividend paying stock (primary motivationthe company gave for resuming a dividend payment).

After making a fresh 52-week high, the shares have lost a little ground. I view the decline as more of a buying opportunity than cause for concern. The Federal Reserve is backstopping many banks including this one. Don't expect the IV drip removal until Citigroup is in perfect health.

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