Upside Down News: Salt Good, Omega 3 Bad

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- There's never a dull moment when it comes to determining what's good for us from a dietary perspective, and what's bad.

Just yesterday came word from the Center for Disease Control that salt intake, at least in quantities consumed by most Americans, doesn't present the health risks we've all been warned about for years. In fact, the CDC suggested there may be a benefit to increasing our salt intake. So now, more salt is better?

If true, I feel vindicated from the thousands of times I've been accused of over-salting my food (with sea salt, that is). I and millions like me, will no longer feel like criminals for a few extra turns of the sea salt grinder, if indeed this is all true.

Of course, if I'm PepsiCo ( PEP), tomorrow there will be new labels on Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, Fritos, Ruffles, Lays, and any other number of salty snack foods distributed by the company, touting the health benefits of the salt contained in these products.

If I'm McDonald's ( MCD) and Wendy's ( WEN), I'd be doing the same with French fries, putting on each French-fry container, "Eat more salt."

If I'm Diamond Foods ( DMND), I'd seize the opportunity with a new advertising campaign; something along the lines of "Our Accounting May Have Been Bad, but the Salt on Our Products Sure Is Good for You."

Yet, in the same week, we were also told that Omega-3 fatty acids -- which are derived from fish and which have been thought to promote healthy hearts and provide other health benefits -- may have some downsides. One study suggested that Omega-3 may increase the risk of childhood allergies. The other, which was bigger news, was that Omega-3 might increase the risk of prostate cancer, up to 71%. With a history of prostate cancer in our family, that one hit home.

That news also had me thinking of one of the more interesting little companies that I've ever owned, Omega Protein ( OME), which harvests the oily fish (Menhaden) used to produce Omega-3 supplements.

The news had little, if any, effect on the stock yesterday; in fact it was up more than 3%. I was looking for the typical market reaction of shooting first and asking questions later, but that did not happen, not yet anyway.

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