In The Fantasy Hall, Users Touch The Dragon To See, Hear And Feel It Breathe Fire And Flap Its Wings. Touching The Rocket Ignites The Boosters And Triggers Tactile Effects That Enhance The Action. (Photo: Business Wire)

Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq:IMMR), the leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, has released the Haptic Muse effect preview app on Google Play as part of the company’s Haptic SDK developer tool kit . The free animated effect preview app illustrates the Haptic SDK’s library of 124 pre-designed haptic effects in a gaming context and is designed to inspire creativity for game developers looking for ways to enhance their Android games with tactile effects.
The Haptic Muse app invites to explore galleries where users feel tactile effects being used in diff ...

The Haptic Muse app invites to explore galleries where users feel tactile effects being used in different gaming contexts. (Photo: Business Wire)

The Haptic Muse app invites developers into a haptic museum with galleries built around common gaming use cases, like sports, transportation, combat and casinos. As developers browse through the museum, they can select items on display, and then watch, feel and hear them come to life. The effect library significantly reduces integration time by allowing developers to select from a comprehensive list of effects designed to enhance a wide range of gaming environments.

“One of the most powerful tools in the Immersion Haptic SDK is our library of 124 pre-designed haptic effects,” explains Suzanne Nguyen, Director of Developer Marketing at Immersion. “We designed the Haptic Muse app as a way to provide both experienced and new game developers with a fun, interactive tool to assess which tactile effects work best for their games as well as to illustrate the capabilities of integrating video, audio and haptics.”

SEGA® of America uses Immersion’s Haptic SDK in their Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode II and Sonic CD™ titles, available on Google Play. Utilizing effects from Immersion’s pre-designed library, SEGA®’s development teams incorporated haptics to simulate the crescendo as Sonic powers up and the jolt as he hits the launch pad and soars into the air.

“SEGA® of America makes user-friendly, engaging games that deliver an engrossing entertainment experience for the mobile gamer,” explains SEGA of America’s Director of Digital Business Development, David Zemke. “The Immersion Haptic SDK allows us to use haptics as a design tool, to enhance game play and communicate with our players through the sense of touch.”

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