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â¿¿ FED MINUTES: The Federal Reserve releases the minutes of its June policy meeting, 2:00 p.m.

â¿¿ WHOLESALE INVENTORIES: The government reports how much wholesale businesses adjusted their stockpiles in May, 10:00 a.m.



NEW YORK â¿¿ For many small business owners, the golden years aren't looking so shiny. Nearly two-thirds of small business owners say they aren't saving enough to retire. Even more say they are worried about their ability to save enough for the lifestyle they want when they do stop working. Some are trying to correct this oversight by aggressively by putting money aside, others are taking a big risk -- planning to sell their companies one day and use the proceeds to fund their retirement. By Business Writer Joyce M. Rosenberg.

AP photo.



WASHINGTON â¿¿ Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke speaks about the Fed's first 100 years at a conference in Cambridge, Mass. Bernanke could use the speech or a Q&A to clarify points in the minutes of the previous Fed meeting. By Martin Crutsinger.

Eds: Speech starts at 4:10 p.m., followed by Q&A.


WASHINGTON â¿¿ The Securities and Exchange Commission votes on a rule that would allow hedge funds to advertise to the public. They are now barred from doing so. By Marcy Gordon.

Eds: Meeting begins at 10 a.m.



LOS ANGELES â¿¿ Melissa Yoakam affectionately calls her dog Shadow her "car payment" because she pays $250 a month for the 12-year-old's cancer treatments. Yoakam doesn't have pet insurance even though she is the benefits manager at Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has offered discounted and partly paid pet insurance for a decade. She uses Shadow as an example to new employees of why they should take advantage of the perk. Pet insurance is one of the hottest and fastest growing employee benefits in the country, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance, the nation's largest pet insurer. One-in-three Fortune 500 companies offer it, as do thousands of other companies across the nation. By Sue Manning.

AP photo.



NEW YORK â¿¿ Think of a leading phone maker, and Apple and Samsung might come to mind. You might even think of HTC, maker of the well-received One phone. But you're probably not thinking Sony, a company better known for its TVs, cameras and video game machines. With the new Xperia Z phone, Sony shows it can play in the big leagues. By Anick Jesdanun.



BRUSSELS â¿¿ The European Commission unveils its proposal for the body responsible for bailing out and restructuring Europe's failing banks. The Single Resolution Mechanism is a key part of the EU's Banking Union - its plan to strengthen the region's shaky financial system and breaking the toxic link between governments and their banks.


â¿¿ PORTUGAL FINANCIAL CRISIS â¿¿ Portugal's president meets with trade unions and business leaders as part of his deliberations over whether he should call an election for the country, which has been shaken by instability in the coalition government.

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