Motorola Solutions, Fixmo Deliver High-Assurance Mobility And Secure Communications To The Government Sector

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI), a leading provider of innovative mission-critical communications for the federal government, and Fixmo, a leading provider of mobile security and risk management solutions, today announced that Fixmo’s defense-grade Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Integrity Verification solutions for Android™ will be offered as part of Motorola’s AME 2000 Secure Mobile Solution for the government sector. Through the integrated offering, government organizations, including law enforcement and public safety, now can extend private communications and sensitive business applications to the mobile workforce using Android-based smartphones with end-to-end security and defense-grade data protection services.

AME 2000 integrates a commercial smartphone running an Android-based operating system with advanced hardware and software security features, enabling encrypted voice and data communications as well as advanced policy management, compromise detection and compliance assurance. Government organizations now can expand their mobility deployments and take advantage of the latest Android platform and mobile apps while ensuring private communications and sensitive information remain protected and within compliance guidelines.

“It’s critical that commercial devices used by the federal government are augmented with solutions to ensure security and confidentiality,” said Brenda Herold, Corporate Vice President of Secure Products and Solutions at Motorola Solutions. “Through tight integration of defense-grade mobile security technologies, including Fixmo Sentinel device integrity verification and policy management, AME 2000 addresses the different vulnerabilities of commercial mobile technology and enables government employees to communicate and access sensitive data securely from wherever their duties take them.”

With Fixmo Sentinel and Fixmo SafeZone, AME 2000 customers can remotely manage IT policies and mobile applications, monitor device integrity and policy compliance, and help keep private email protected within a defense-grade “secure workspace” that can be easily locked or wiped if a device is misplaced, tampered with, or falls out of corporate compliance.

“Working together, Fixmo and Motorola Solutions provide government officials with the kind of mobile security that allows them to confidently take their devices on the road and outside the walls of a secured facility,” said Fixmo CEO Rick Segal. “By leveraging Fixmo’s unique ability to verify the state of each mobile device and to proactively prevent security and compliance breaches, AME 2000 customers can embrace the full potential of modern smartphones and real-time communications without sacrificing security, integrity, compliance or employee productivity.”

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