Nano Labs Announces A Greener Approach In Clothes Softeners That Provide Lasting Freshness

DETROIT, July 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nano Labs Corp. (OTCQB:CTLE) is pleased to report the Company's innovative nanotechnology traps the active ingredients in clothes softeners, releasing them in a slower and more controlled manner in fabrics and clothes. This increases the long-lasting effects and in fact requires less of the active chemicals, thus making it a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology.

Fabric softeners are short-term chemical solutions that provide clothes, fabrics and textiles, during the washing and rinsing cycles, with the benefits of "smooth feeling" and "fresh scent". One of the reasons (among other technical issues) for the short-term effects of these benefits is the cost of the active ingredients. Typically the cost of these active ingredients in the chemical solution is very expensive, so the concentrations offered are low and therefore the effect less noticeable.

Our technology makes use of nanoparticles that "trap and hold" the softener's active ingredients and then release them in a controlled manner. The result is a longer-lasting effect with less of the active chemicals required. The greater effect and cost benefits make this an innovative and economically effective technology.

"Fresh scent in fabric softeners is a very important characteristics of these consumer products," states Dr. Castano, Chief Innovations Officer at Nano Labs. "It provides the essence of freshness - like your clothes were just cleaned. The problem with the current technologies, however, is that scent is a very short-term effect - a few days at most and then it disappears. The problem with increasing the concentration of scent, which would seem a logical alternative, is both in the added cost and expensive of these active ingredients and the problem of inducing allergic reactions with sensitive individuals. Our solution is based on nanoparticle technology that controls the release of the scent, allowing the benefit of several weeks of the desired fresh effect and at lower concentrations of active materials in a water soluble and safe substance. This makes it both a cost-effective and an environmentally, greener friendly approach."

From a business perspective, Mr. Bernardo Chavarria, President of Nano Labs comments, "We are an innovation company balancing the needs of today's businesses and consumers. Businesses are looking for innovative ways to shrink costs, by using less active ingredients and grow their bottom line. Consumers are always looking for better products. We are focused on providing both. Our research in this category indicates that consumer's primary motivators are performance products that offer added convenience and build strong value. In an age of people switching to high-efficiency washers and time-release tablets, we think we can bring the added convenience of washing less while still controlling odors. According to a recent Nielsen study, total sales of laundry detergent were over $7.44 billion in the US alone last year. Given that we can apply the same technology adapted to fragrance-free, we believe there is definitely a global market for this innovation."