While the BlackBerry is laying down, let me pile on and kick it in the gut one more time: It sometimes runs hot, literally. I have no idea why, but it's sometimes so hot you are afraid it might explode.

I thought of frying an egg on the Q10 and filming it, but that would have voided the warranty, and there was no way I was going to keep it beyond the 30 day return period. In either case, you know what happens when a smartphone runs hot? Yes, the battery life is significantly reduced.

A hallmark of BlackBerrys of yore had been superior battery life. Not so with the Q10. As it prepared itself for egg-frying duty, battery life fell like a rock. This happened almost every day.

So is there nothing positive to say about the BlackBerry Q10? Yes, there is.

For starters, the basic form factor, choice of materials and ergonomics are fantastic. The device feels just right in the hand. The legendary keyboard is better than ever.

In the OS, the "hub" which shows all of your email and other accounts, is a great way to quickly scan all your correspondence. The fact that Box and Dropbox are baked right into the device, is neat.

The new interface paradigm is a mixed blessing. On the upside, the fact that you wake it up from sleep simply by swiping up is better than the competition's solution of a button-press. On the downside, once you have made that swipe, you have to keep swiping to get to where you want to go. BlackBerry is up to something here, but in the end I don't think that the total solution is necessarily ahead of the competition.

If the BlackBerry Q10 isn't the right choice, what do I propose to people who want to type on a keyboard? I have two main branches:

1. As the title of this article states, you can return to the old BlackBerry. Perhaps your previous old BlackBerry was even older, and you need to keep the apps on a BlackBerry 7.1 device to the absolute minimum -- email, address book, perhaps calendar and WhatsApp.

This scenario basically implies that you are likely to augment the previous-generation BlackBerry with an Android or Windows Phone, or perhaps an iPad. It's already been the solution for many people, and it may continue to be the best one going forward.

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